Zoo plugins for sh404sef and JoomSEF

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Zoo plugins for sh404sef and JoomSEF

Yootheme's Zoo is truly a great extension. Probably the best CCK in the Joomla world and it is free. However it doesn't have much support for SEF extensions like sh404sef and JoomSEF. I hope my two small plugins change this a little bit.

Both plugins generate exactly the same search enginge friendly URL's. This should allow you to switch between sh404sef to joomSEF without losing any search engine rankings. Submissions are supported as well. The plugin does not work Yootheme's Zoo version 2.3.

You can find the plugins and documentation in the download section. Even if you are not familiar with sh404sef or JoomSEF, then plugin should be pretty easy to install. Please keep in mind that every plugin can contain bugs, so please always backup and test first before you install or update on a live site.

Here is a screenshot of the settings section:

sef settings screenshot

If you have any support questions or feature requests, please feel free to post in the forum. If you have questions about Zoo in general feel free to ask as well. I hope other users or I can help. We have a lot of knowledge in this area.