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Zopim Live Chat

4.3/5 rating (102 votes)
  • Updated: 14 November 2014
  • File size: 52.70 KB
  • Version: 4.2.14
  • Author: yoonique[.]net
joomla 2.5
joomla 3.x
Before you install the plugin, please create a free Zopim account HERE (no credit card required).

Zopim is a simple livechat widget that lets you sell directly to your online customers.

See who is on your site in real time. Provide live customer help when they have a query, or lose them to competitors.

Zopim works with nearly every browser, IM client and mobile phone out there. Enjoy the flexibility to provide live support from anywhere. See demo on this page.

Our plugin makes the installation of the Zopim widget very easy. Just make sure you have the latest Joomla version installed. It supports Zopim v1 and v2 live widgets.


Unzip the downloaded file and install the plugin using the Extensions -> Install/Uninstall menu. And then navigate to: Extensions -> Plugin Manager. Click on yoonique[.]net Zopim, enter required information, and enable the plugin. After that you should see the Zopim chat box on your site. Zopim tries to automatically detect your language, but you can also force a certain language by entering a two character ISO code.

Before you install the plugin, please create a free Zopim account here (no credit card required).

With the new version it is pretty easy to link up to your Zopim account. Just enter your Zopim account name and password to retrieve the Zopim widget id. The plugin doesn't remember or store your password anywhere!

Connection Error even though password is correct?

There could be two problems ("kind of technical").

  • The cURL extension is not enabled on your server. Please ask your host to enable it.
  • Your server doesn't recognize Zopim's SSL certificate authority and can not connect securely (see also workaround at the very bottom).

In these cases you could try the "manual" method described below.

But I don't want to show the live chat on every page!

The plugin allows you to show or hide the Zopim chat bubble on select pages. You can see an example right here on this site, the chat bubble is shown everywhere except on the home page.

How does it work? Basically you specify a module position in the plugin settings. The plugin will use that information to show/hide the Zopim chat bubble.

You don't have to choose an existing module position. Actually you could create a new one that doesn't exist in your template and publish any module.

If you are new to Joomla (and/or never used the {loadposition} plugin), this might be a bit confusing. But hopefully the following example illustrates it.

How do I turn off the Zopim Chat Bubble on the home page, but show everywhere else?

  • Create a new module of type custom html (but any module type would work)
  • Inside the module settings click the Position field and instead of picking a position from the drop down type showzopim in that field.
  • In the Menu Assignment section pick any menu where you want to show the Zopim chat bubble.
  • Make sure you did not select the home menu
  • You can ignore all other settings (don't worry, the module won't be displayed on your site).
  • Make sure you also set published and save the module.
  • Then enter showzopim in the plugin settings.

Why do I need a hide option?

The differences between hide and not show is basically that with hide the chat bubble is just invisible, that is the code is still on your site. This lets you track your visitors in the Zopim live chat dashboard. But most users just want to turn off the live chat completely.

Manual method: Is there another way to get the widget id without entering a password?

Yes, there is a another way to find the widget id without entering a password.

Before you install the plugin, please create a free Zopim account here (no credit card required).

Here is an example of a typical Zopim widget code:

Zopim Dashboard

Your widget id (marked yellow) is located directly after zopim.com/? (marked yellow). For our website the widget id is dlSql5EbpS7fXFp1xT403gHwF0soreeY(but don't use this, it is just an example).

Please note, if you click on the widget code area, it will copied into your clipboard. Press ctrl-v to paste it in your desired editor and then get the widget id as described above.

You can also bypass the SSL check by entering NOSSL into the _Zopim id_ field at your own risk. This is not recommended at all, because your password would be transmitted in clear text.


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