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Zoo Elements Anywhere

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  • Updated: 04 June 2017
  • File size: 4.84 KB
  • Version: 3.0
  • Author: yoonique[.]net
joomla 2.5
joomla 3.x
zoo 3.x
zoo 2.6

This content plugin is simply used to insert elements from ZOO items into content anywhere.

The syntax is:

{yoonique_item: item ID or SLUG yoonique_item: Element [config:"par1":"val1","par2":"val2"]}

Here are some examples (please remove the space character after { ):

{ yoonique_item: 73 element: Item Category} { yoonique_item: 71 element: GoogleMaps} { yoonique_item: 71 element: Social Bookmarks} { yoonique_item: 71 element: Text} The name is basically the name that you entered when you assigned an element to the _full_ layout.

How does the config:... section work?

Every element has a set of parameters that you can change (see also Yootheme docs). The complete list of parameters can be found in the element.xml file, that is located in the media/zoo/elements/element/ folder

The plugin will always take the settings of the element in "full" layout. But you can override each parameter by specifying a config:... section.

Here are some examples:

{ yoonique_item: 73 element: Item Category config:"separated_by":"separator=[ - ]"}
{ yoonique_item: 71 element: Social Bookmarks config:"google":0}
{ yoonique_item: 71 element: Text config: "separated_by":"tag=[<div>%s</div>]"}
{ yoonique_item: 71 element: Text config: "separated_by":"separator=[ - ]", "jplugins":0}
{ yoonique_item: my-first-blog element: Item Name config:"link_to_item":1}

Let's look at the Google Maps xml file googlemaps.xml. It should contain something like this

        <param name="map_type" type="list" default="0" label="Map type on load" description="Define the default map type" >
            <option value="0">Normal</option>
            <option value="1">Satellite</option>
            <option value="2">Hybrid</option>
            <option value="3">Terrain</option>

If you want to change from Normal to Satellite, you would set the following:

{ yoonique_item: 71 element: GoogleMaps config:"map_type":1}

If you also want to disable the directions and change the width you would set

{ yoonique_item: 71 element: GoogleMaps config:"directions":0, "width":728, "map_type":1}

Regarding the syntax. Please make sure that each parameter is quoted. Only numbers don't need to be quoted.

Disclaimer: We haven't tested all elements yet, but if you find any issues, please let us know. It is possible that some elements don't work as expected (although we don't know any yet).

If you have any questions, please ask in the forum. If needed we will add more information to this documentation.


The following inserts a download from a different item

{ yoonique_item: yoonique-acl element: Download config: "display":"buttonlink"}

like here



{ yoonique_item: yoonique-acl element: Download config: "display":"default"}

will produce

Download yooniqueacl_UNZIP_FIRST.zip

Need to display the "modification date"?

{ yoonique_item: yoonique-acl element: Modification Date}

20 January 2014

Insert categories from a different Item? { yoonique_item: 73 element: Categories}

Zoo, Joomla

Different separator?

{ yoonique_item: 73 element: Categories config:"separated_by":"separator=[ - ]"}

Zoo - Joomla

Insert Image?

{ yoonique_item: 73 element: Image}

Video: How to make money with Akeeba Subscriptions and Zoo in 6 minutes and 35 seconds

Change width and add link?

{ yoonique_item: 73 element: Image config: "width":728, "height":128, "link_to_item":1}

Video: How to make money with Akeeba Subscriptions and Zoo in 6 minutes and 35 seconds

end of demo


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