Video: New Item Edit feature in Zoo 2.5.17

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How to configure the new Item Edit feature in Zoo 2.5.17

Yootheme released Zoo 2.5.17. This is a really nice update with a lot of improvements. Most importantly Yootheme also added a new feature Item Edit.

According to a tool tip in the submission section, if enabled, a submission will be used for direct item editing. There can be at most one item edit submission per app. The access level of this submission will determine who will be able to edit an item. You'll also have to assign an Item Edit Element to the layout you want the Edit Item button to show on.

Of course this sounds a bit abstract, but hopefully our video will show how easy it is to configure and use the new feature.

There is no voice in the video, so let's summarize the most important steps here

  • Assign the new core element "Item Edit" to a layout (in the demo we used the teaser layout)
  • Then create a new submission and set Item Edit to yes
  • Important is to set the right access level. All users with this level can edit items on the frontend
  • In the demo we used "registered", but probably special or other levels would be more appropriate
  • That is basically all you need to do

Have fun with the new release!

If you need more Zoo video tutorials or have more questions, please tweet us at @yooniquenet.

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