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Widgetkit 1 Loader

4.7/5 rating (3 votes)
  • Updated: 19 January 2015
  • File size: 1.80 KB
  • Version: 1.0.0
  • Author: yoonique[.]net
joomla 2.5
joomla 3.x
widgetkit 1.x
This extension only works with Widgetkit 1.0.

Widgetkit is a really nice component. However it always loads a few static resources like javascript and css files - even on pages where no widgetkit magic is used. The size of those "redundant file" is roughly 110KB. Is that a lot? If you are not sure please also read

How big is UIkit

As you can see developers are fighting literally for every KB :-)

It could also impact your pagespeed score etc

This module replaces the "system widgetkit plugin" which is responsible for loading widgetkit files in every page.

If (and only if) you know on which pages you added widgets, you can use this module to load widgetkit resources only on those pages.


  • As always test with a backup first
  • Download and unzip the attached file
  • Install the module like any other module
  • Create a new Joomla module of type "widgetkit loader"
  • Set show title to "no"
  • Publish it on a common module position like logo or menu
  • Then assign the module to menus/pages that contain widgets
  • Don't forget to enable the module
  • Please disable the "widget system" plugin with Joomla's plugin manager
  • That should be all

We also recommend to try nonumber.nl's Advanced module manager which gives you much more robust menu assignments and many more options.


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