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Facebook Open Graph for Zoo

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  • Updated: 17 January 2015
  • File size: 9.60 KB
  • Version: 1.07
  • Author: yoonique[.]net
joomla 2.5
joomla 3.x
zoo 3.1

This Open Graph plugin for Zoo lets you easily customize the Facebook Open Graph tags that are inserted into each Zoo item on your site (but not categories or tags).

A demo can be viewed here

The "Open Graph protocol" is simply a method of including meta information in a web page to allow Facebook to accurately represent the page's content when it is linked to in Facebook. For example, if you have no Open Graph meta tags on a page, Facebook will typically select a random image on the page to represent the content of the page; with the tags, you can specify what image should be shown when someone shares that particular page. (source: fbdevwiki.com)

Please read more about the Open Graph Protocol at Facebook's official documentation for more detailed information.

You can control the following tags:

Tag Description
og:title any text
og:type see Types documentation
og:url "proper"/canonical format for URL of current page
og:image image to associate with the content of the page
og:site_name human readable name of the website this page is contained in
og:description description of the page
og:latitude 37.416343
og:longitude -122.153013
og:street-address 1601 S California Ave
og:locality Palo Alto
og:region CA
og:postal-code 94304
og:country-name USA
og:email me@example.com
og:phone_number +1-650-123-4567
og:fax_number +1-415-123-4567
og:video fully qualified URL to a SWF video
og:video:width pixel width of video described in og:video
og:video:height pixel height of video described in og:video
og:video:type mime-type of video file described in og:video
og:audio fully qualified URL to an audio file
og:audio:title title of audio described in og:audio
og:audio:artist pixel height of audio described in og:audio
og:audio:album mime-type of audio described in og:audio
og:audio:type mime-type of audio file described in og:audio
og:upc UPC code of the item
og:isbn ISBN code of book if describing a book

Some are "automated", for example tags like geo data, media mime types, image width etc. And some are not, for example app_id or admin.

Installation Instructions

If the Facebook debugger is not able to parse your site with or without this plugin, please also try to disable Gzip in Joomla and/or on your server.
  1. Download, install and configure the latest version of Zoo. Before proceeding, ensure Zoo is functioning normally. If the plugin doesn't work then most likely your Zoo version would be outdated. Please upgrade before asking for support.
  2. Download the zip file, unzip and install either the j25 or j3x version with menu Extensions -> Install.
  3. Enable the plugin in menu `Extensions -> Plugin Manager.
  4. Navigate to the settings of your Zoo app (via Zoo's Cog Wheel).
  5. You should be able to see the new Open Graph layout (column Extension Layouts)
  6. Assign elements to Open Graph positions.
  7. That should be it. If you have any questions, please post in the forum.
As always, please backup and test in a sandbox first.

Please see also the screenshot of the Open Graph layout with some example settings (based on Zoo's official demo data).

sef settings screenshot


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