Zoo Changelog

3.3.28 ^ Updated installation sql for GTID consistency compatibility ^ Updated URL validator regex # Fixed use https:// in google geolocate API 3.3.27 # Fixed keep current protocol in canonical links # Fixed use API key in google geolocate 3.3.26 # Fixed bug using PDO database driver # Fixed error in demo package installation (J3.7) # Fixed gallery slideshow element 3.3.24 ^ Updated UIkit 3 templates ^ Updated module positions when using a YOOtheme Pro template (ZOO demo package) 3.3.23 + Added UIkit 3 templates for ZOO modules # Fixed layout positions configuration # Fixed modal behavior in administration 3.3.22 + Added new core element Item Primary Category + Added UIkit 3 templates for all apps 3.3.21 # Fixed select author in item edit # Fixed closing of modals # Fixed ACL check for new items 3.3.20 # Fixed error in creating application (J3.6) # Fixed ajax saving of permission rules 3.3.19 # Fixed error in loading configuration (J3.6) # Fixed alignment of category image business app # Fixed declaration of constructor zoosearch 3.3.18 ^ Updated loading gravatar images # Fixed encoding errors on non-utf8 folder/filenames # Fixed setting system value for robots metatag # Fixed positions.config in default template for download app *** SECURITY UPDATE*** # Fixed cross-site scripting vulnerabilities 3.3.17 # Fixed push/pull classes in uikit templates for cookbook, movie and business # Fixed invalid ID in textarea 3.3.16 + Added defaultvalues for core submission fields + Added Poster image to HTML5 video ^ Updated mediaelement.js to 2.20.1 ^ Redirect to login page if guest user has no access to submissions ^ Removed J25 reverse compatibility # Hide image link on print page # Fix image alignment on mobile module ZOOitem # Fixed full screen display video iframes # Fixed wrong class name in UIkit template renderer for movie App # Fixed missing controls attibute in media element # Fixed select author in item edit 3.3.15 ^ Itemcategory element's submission view adapts in height + Updated EU countries list # Fixed submissions.css checkbox/radio for UIKit app templates # Fixed Twitter oAuth, using API 1.1 # Fixed Submission redirect after saving # Fixed Print element button display 3.3.14 # Fixed shortcode plugin issues 3.3.13 + Added images and links to Joomla importer ^ Removed index.html files from ZOO folders # Fixed thumbnail cache 3.3.12 # Moved images cache folder to media 3.3.11 # Fixed App install security restriction introduced in Joomla! 3.4.5 # Fixed Item Feed date display 3.3.10 # Fixed canonical links 3.3.9 # Fixed item routing 3.3.8 # Removed open/unclosed </div> from cookbook UIkit template # Fixed missing render layout warning # Fixed use of protocol-relative urls in Google Maps and AddThis element # Fixed Google Maps element HTML validation # ZOO source files can now be symlinked # Fixed frontpage editing for non super users # Improved item routing fixing some potential issues 3.3.7 # Fixed application template switching 3.3.6 + Added item:save event # Fixed query issues rised with previous release 3.3.5 ^ Added cloak toggle parameter for Email element ^ Added item:changeorder event # Fixed alignment in UIkit template # Fixed submission deleting bug for users without joomla 'can delete' permission # Fixed submission access levels # Fixed documentation link # Fixed Options element empty values check # Fixed itemaccess element submission validation 3.3.4 # Removed Item Access element as orderable option # Fixed UIkit template display issues # Fixed zoosmartsearch to no longer trigger an error if iconv is not present # Fixed spotlight missing assets # Fixed 1-Click Updates issues 3.3.3 + Renderer minor improvements # Fixed content plugins triggering 3.3.2 + Gallery Element + Image Element Lightbox and Spotlight feature + Link Element Lightbox feature 3.3.1 # Recovered index.html file creation in some areas # Fixed j25 compatibility issues 3.3.0 + 1-Click Updates support + default layout of an newly created app set to 'uikit' + added frontpage shortcode + added shortcode output param ^ removed index.html files from ZOO folders # fixed usage of special chars in item names # avoid errors display if the item is of unrecognised type # fixed category:delete event name typo # fixed comments email links generation 3.2.4 # fixed item deleting 3.2.3 # improved backward compatibility for 3rd party extensions # changed _respond.php input to button element for comments submission for UIKit templates # fixed rating bug # fixed image alignment in UIKit template for product app 3.2.2 # fixed update script 3.2.1 # fixed PHP 5.3 compatibility # fixed submission hashes 3.2.0 + added frontend editing for comments and items (ACL) + added ACL # fixed submission security settings # fixed UIkit templates comments headline markup 3.1.6 # fixed missing matchHeight function Comments' Module Bubbles style 3.1.5 # updated UIkit icons markup to UIkit 2.0 3.1.4 + added zoo:initApp event # fixed mysubmissions pagination renderer # fixed CSV export of checkbox elements # fixed K2 importer 3.1.3 + added Joomla 3.2 compatibility ^ changed the feed order to publishing date # fixed update notifications in PHP 5.4+ # minor uikit theme fix # fixed size of image select box # fixed element access issue on search # fixed "show empty categories" for individual categories setting 3.1.2 # fixed problem with Publish Down Element submission not accepting "never" 3.1.1 # fixed mysql index problem 3.1.0 + added # items filter to pagination views (Joomla 3.0) + added UIkit templates to all apps # fixed user edit route in items view # fixed link element submission "open in new window" by default # fixed conflict issues with JViewLegacy and other components 3.0.13 # fixed a php notice on single submission view # fixed bug with Joomla 3.1.0 RelatedItem element on submission 3.0.12 # fixed Joomla importer 3.0.11 ^ refactored "Clean Database" function ^ updated jQuery to 1.9.1 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.10.1 ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.3 # fixed use of default values on submission (media element) # fixed issue with deleting tags # fixed issue with category/tag module showing wrong links 3.0.10 # fixed jQuery 1.9 compatibility 3.0.9 + added option to show Captchas for guests only # fixed pagination on mysubmissions view # fixed item category submission (required state) ^ moved sh404SEF plugin to separate Joomla plugin ^ updated jQuery to 1.9 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.9.2 ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.10.1 3.0.8 # fixed date display in items list view # fixed issue with item counting introduced in 3.0.7 3.0.7 # fixed rss feed link # fixed issue with category assignment (submission) # fixed issue with limiting related layout (Related Items Element) 3.0.6 ^ improved Google geocoding, by trying to geocode during item save + added application:configparams event (3rd party developers) # fixed "Add Item" not clickable on MySubmissions view (iOS) # fixed Smartsearch indexer (Joomla 3.0) # fixed Joomla import (trashed categories are no longer imported) # fixed Joomlamodule Element (doesn't show none published module any longer) 3.0.5 # fixed Select Element submission # fixed settings on GoogleMaps element # fixed issue with element position assignment 3.0.4 + added chosen.js to category select field (item/category edit view) + added Joomla textfiltering to frontend submission 3.0.3 # fixed problem with slug generation # fixed problem with deleting codemirror editor 3.0.2 + items in the item view can now be found via alias + the rating element now has an option for Googles Micro Data ^ ZOO allows for unicode slugs/aliases now # fixed Joomla 3.0 conversion related bugs # fixed problems prev/next buttons 3.0.1 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.9 ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.4 # fixed Joomla 3.0 conversion related bugs 3.0 + added "Save As Copy" button on item edit + added Joomla 3.0 compatibility - removed Joomla 1.5 compatibility 2.6.6 + added option for alphanumeric sorting to item ordering + added Turkish language pack # fixed check for realpath cache size after installation 2.6.5 + added Route Caching (you can enable/disable it in the ZOO manager section) ^ updated jQuery to 1.8.1 ^ ZOO now returns 404 errors if items or categories can not be found ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.3 # fixed redirect to menu item on submission # fixed "show empty categories" in several places 2.6.4 ^ updated timepicker to 1.0.1 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.23 (fixed issue with timepicker) ^ category_id will no longer be appended to url if navigating from primary category 2.6.3 + Googlemaps Element uses autocomplete now + update items via csv ^ updated jQuery to 1.8.0 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.22 # fixed twitter comment avatars # fixed issue "Fatal error: Class 'systemHelper' not found in /administrator/components/com_zoo/framework/classes/app.php" 2.6.2 + added Item Previous/Next Element # fixed googlemaps css issue # fixed width problems with TinyMCE # fixed issue with tag saving on submission 2.6.1 # fixed route helper 2.6 + all apps are now responsive + you can now show/hide comments (Item Print Element) + added keepalive messages to Item/Category Edit views + you can now choose a menu item to redirect too (Submission) ^ response area is no longer shown on item print view # fixed issue with showing search results in the search component backend # mootools is loaded for recaptcha to work correctly # print button image displays correctly on Blog with Warp6 template 2.5.20 + added metadata to frontpage (Menu Settings) + limit the number of submissions per user + added param to show item count on categories (Category module) + added option to show empty categories ^ Date Element will accept more date formats now (Frontend Submission) ^ Frontpage RSS shows its own items only ^ updated mediaelement.js to 2.9.1 # fixed conflict between Widgetkit and ZOO (Media Element) 2.5.19 # fixed issue with core elements assignment 2.5.18 + added Captcha support to submissions/comments (Joomla 2.5) + primary category will be set on submissions + redirect user to login if item is not accessible ^ updated MediaElement.js to 2.8.2 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.20 # fix to 404 redirect if ZOO is set as home page # fixed problem with display of Itemaccess Element and Itemstate Element # fix to "edit core elements" # fixed issue with type copying # fixed issue with setting a file value in IE9 (Download Element) 2.5.17 + added Item Edit Element ^ updated social buttons element (Google Plus One) ^ updated media element ^ updated jquery.cookie.js to the latest version ^ updated timepicker.js to version 1.0.0 ^ protocol is prepended to the link by default now (Link Element) ^ authors of spam comments won't be subscribed to items any longer ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.19 # removed API Key from Geocoding Requests (Googlemaps Element) # finder component now ignores unsearchable items (Smart Search) # item order priority is ignored for feed now # fixed conflict between mootools and jQuery slider (Timepicker in J2.5 now works properly again) # fixed display of googlemaps (My Submissions view) # fixed file upload submission (Image and Download Element) # fixed search bug in items default view # fixed css issue with tag submission # fixed socialbuttons element # fixed primary category selection # fixed to search ordering (J2.5) 2.5.16 + added "addmenuitems" event + added map type "Terrain" to GoogleMaps element + API Key will be used for Geocoding Requests too (Googlemaps Element) ^ updated jQuery to version 1.7.2 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.18 ^ longitude/latitude coordinates may now contain a space (Google Maps element) # fixed to search ordering (J2.5) # fixed type copying # fixes to checkbox element edit view css 2.5.15 + you can now hide the update notifications for current session # fixed problem with ZOO administration with open_basedir restriction in effect # fixed issue with Publish Down date on some systems (Submission) # fixes to protocoll part of url in Socialbutton and Media elements # fix to DB backup functionality 2.5.14 # download element will check against default access value now, if none is set # fixed bugs related to the field API change 2.5.13 + added option to fully hide/show categories on category/frontpage views + assign access level to core elements # editing a submission in none trusted mode will set the item to unpublished # fixed bug with submission (Documentation app) # Item Frontpage, Item Searchable and Item State elements no longer sortable # fix to Page Titles on frontpage (J2.5) # fixed css issues (Social Buttons Element) # fixed language problem with Facebook Like Button (Social Buttons Element) 2.5.12 # fixed problem with Download element introduced in 2.5.11 # fixed issue with CSV export (PHP < 5.3) 2.5.11 # fixed issue in cookbook app (full layout) # fixed bug with access level in download element + Widgetkit Element now submittable + Joomla Module Element now submittable + added CSV export + import into subcategories by separating categories through "///" (CSV) + import into existing categories by adding category alias (CSV) # fixed metadata import (Joomla) # fix to sh404SEF plugin ^ updated K2 importer to reflect latest changes ^ updated MediaElement.js to 2.6.5 # fix to Social Buttons element (IE) + you can now add an API Key (Googlemaps Element) 2.5.10 # fixed build problem with Finder plugin (SmartSearch) # fixed tag autocompletion 2.5.9 + added option to select primary category (frontend submission) + added MIME TYPE "application/iges" + added sunburst style to syntaxhighlighter (Documentation app - Choose in app template settings) + added War6 Sidebar Style (Category Module) ^ changes to renderer (Category Module) + added Finder plugin (SmartSearch) + item, category and comments save, delete and stateChanged events now trigger Joomla content plugin events (J2.5) # Fixed Joomla Exporter (J2.5) # Fixed Image Frontend Submission 2.5.8 # elements will receive new identifier on type copy + added application:installed event ^ updated German translation # fixed Norwegian translation + category submission: added param to allow for single or multiple selection ^ updated MediaElement.js to 2.6.4 # text and textarea element now show default value, without having to edit the item 2.5.7 ^ it is now possible to assign item core elements to submissions + added a few item core elements (mainly for item submissions) + beforesave event (submission) + new option to display date in Blog App + Warp 6 theme # fixed problems with page title on category view ^ submission errors are now being translated # fixed problem with Blog application if no template is selected # minor css fixes ^ update to comments module # consistent ordering of items related categories + Norwegian translation (Thanks to Yngve Rodli) # fixed bug with adding images into textarea editor (submission) (J1.7) 2.5.6 # fixed bug with twitter connect ^ cleanup of some javascripts + reintroduced the index.html files in ZOO folders (hello JED ;-) ) + updated MediaElement.js to 2.6.1 # it is now possible to change the width of the audio player 2.5.5 # fixed bug with Twitter and Facebook connect # fixed bug with changing menu item types ^ change for Joomla 2.5 compatibility + you can now import into existing categories (JSON import) ^ disallow "/" character in tags ^ improved consistency with category links # fixed a redirect on item view 2.5.4 ^ improved error message if ZOO minimum requirements are not met ^ improved consistency with item links ^ updated MediaElement.js to 2.5.0 + added tags to CSV import # fixed problems with showing comments from unpublished items (Comments module) # links in notification mails are now SEOed # fixed bug with email notifications on comments # fixed compatibility issue with Rockettheme Mission Control admin template 2.5.3 + ZOO automatically checks for updates now # fixed bug with ordering by rating element + added "toggle frontpage" button to item view # minor css fixes + added ZOO version to manager view # fixed problem with sorting by publish up date + you can now use youtube shortlinks e.g. "http://youtu.be/XYZ" (Media Element) # fixed bug with odd number of tags and outward, inward sorting (Tag module) + csv import: first category is set to primary category 2.5.2 # fixed possible cause for JLIB_APPLICATION_ERROR_COMPONENT_NOT_LOADING upon update # fixed default select options of several applications + added "Publish Up" core element (useful for displaying dates in blog) ^ updated MediaElement.js to 2.3.2 ^ updated jQuery to version 1.7.1 + added editDisplay event to type edit view # fixed problems with J1.7 import of categories having the same alias # minor css fixes in item edit view # fixed item ordering of RSS feeds 2.5.1 + added installer check for missing DB tables (J1.7) + added import of country element to csv import + readded deprecated functions for submission renderer ^ Tag view now displays tag in page title ^ updated Hungarian language files # fixed problem with installing ZOO Quickicon module with open_basedir restriction in effect 2.5 # fixed bug with form field values in submission # fixed bug with comments export # alpha index in Documentation app won't show empty categories tab ^ changed syntaxhighlighter of documentation app ^ reverted interface of elements hasvalue and render methods to version 2.4 ^ updated jQuery to version 1.7 + added ordering to "my submissions" view + added "clean database" functionality ^ merged "update search data" functionality into "clean database" + added search to mysubmissions view ^ readded separated_by params to elements xml 2.5 BETA 9 # fixed bug in sh404SEF plugin # fixed item ordering 2.5 BETA 8 # fixed bug where updating would delete custom layouts/positions # couple minor bugfixes and improvements 2.5 BETA 7 # fixed bug with category view, introduced in BETA 6 2.5 BETA 6 # fixed bug with having multiple tabs from different app instances open (administration) # items and categories won't inherit Browser Page Titles any longer # improved html validation of social buttons element 2.5 BETA 5 + added possibility to specify custom link text (Item Link element) # fixed bug with including subcategories in modules + added search by tag in items overview # fixed pagination links # fixed problems with saving options of select, radio, checkbox elements 2.5 BETA 4 + readded Socialbookmarks element + added separator "none" to textarea element # fixed importers - removed J1.6, mtree, docman importer + added SEO Pagetitle option (J1.7) ^ pagetitle of categories changed # fixed display of category metadata # fixed comments for WARP blog template # fixed csv import # fixed problems with update process (e.g. Gallery element won't loose data anymore) # fixed problems with saving options of select elements # when upgrading from 2.4 ZOO will not loose video files any more # fixed problems with media element 2.5 BETA 3 + added swf support to media element + added random item ordering # fixed bug with renaming types # fixed bug with copying types ^ updated media element 2.5 BETA 2 # fixed bug where type config would be overwritten 2.5 BETA ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.15 + added new WARP6 Blog template - removed ZOOtools (use Widgetkit instead) + added Social Buttons element + added Media element + added Widgetkit element ^ revamped Download element ^ revamped Image element ^ revamped Gallery element - removed Video element - removed Social Bookmarks element - removed Facebook I Like element ^ element data now being stored as JSON ^ ex-/import now uses JSON + added comments ex-/import # fixed minor issues with submission.css + new "Update Search Data" button in ZOO manager + update screen now shows changelog 2.4.17 # item slug will not change after frontend submission ^ remove path info from file upload # content plugins will be triggered on frontpage and category descriptions in Blog app # improved html validation of comments form # updated language packages # fixed typo in language files ^ updated framework 2.4.16 # fix to path handling on unix systems where root path is empty ^ updated jQuery to 1.6.4 ^ updatd jQuery UI to 1.8.16 # fixed item frontpage toggle 2.4.15 # fixed params for zoosearch module (J1.7) # tags are being removed upon item deletion # added some missing language strings # fixed minor css issue (J1.7) # fixed bug with repeatable element and advanced options 2.4.14 # fixed bug with params array introduced in 2.4.13 2.4.13 # fixed SQL dump functionality + frontpage can be edited from items view now # fixed display of plugin names in layout view (J1.7) 2.4.12 + item id being passed to content plugins handling textareas # fixed bug with path helper on BSD systems + primary category now being im-/exported + name matching on item xml import # fixed problem with timezone offset in item edit view ^ renamed shortcut to shortcode plugin # enforcing nonetrusted mode for public submissions again (Joomla 1.7) # fixed pagination and filtering issues # fixed options.css for Joomla 1.7 - removed metadata "title" from item views + you can now assign metadata to categories + you can now assign individual page titles to items and categories + added import of Joomla 1.7 articles # fixed bug with display of comment dates in Joomla 1.7 2.4.11 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.14 ^ updated jQuery to 1.6.2 # fixed bug with detecting superadmin priviliges on Joomla 1.6+ ^ admins won't receive email notifications, if new comments are rated as spam + added warning if cache path is unwritable ^ zoo modules now use the components language files instead of their own ^ modifications to reflect changes in Joomla 1.7 # fixed minor issue with installer # 'Add Tag' button now being translated # fixed problems with zoo uninstaller (Joomla 1.6) # fixed translation issue with some blog templates # fixed translations of validation errors + output Google Geocoding API errors (Googlemaps element) ^ updated ZOOmaps module # fixed issue with ZOO export 2.4.10 # ZOO tools load mootools again # fixed issues with sh404SEF (Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.6) # fixed bug with rating element (Joomla 1.6) ^ updated ZOOcomment module to 2.4.3 # fixed issue with lightbox not loading # fixed bug in slideshow.js # fixed bug with access level on csv imported items (Joomla 1.6) 2.4.9 # fixed bug introduced in 2.4.8 2.4.8 ^ changed socialbookmarks element to reflect changes made by Twitter # minor fix to ZOOs SEF behavior - mootools is not being loaded per default in the frontend anymore + new afterEdit element event ^ email notification if user edits his submission (and submission is set to unpublished again) + added comment to email notifications # fixed problem with date element submission in Joomla 1.6 # fixed minor bug with related items element ^ dates are now taking the users timezone into account # fixed problem with dates in Joomla 1.6 # fixed typo in notification mails ^ changed the elements field of item table to type LONGTEXT ^ syntaxhighlighter fetches brushes locally now (previous amazon) # fixed bug with created feed links in frontpage # fixed bug in ZOO shortcut plugin with using aliases ^ updated jQuery to 1.6.1 + added missing display options to facebook i like element # fixed typo in ZOO scroller markup 2.4.7 ^ fixed minor issue with RSS feed link ^ changed syntaxhighlighter syntax in documentation app ^ changed plugin names + added access levels for elements + added ZOOitemshortcut plugin + you can now specify title and link options in image frontend submission (trusted mode) # fixed problem with loading Joomla content modules in Joomla 1.6 # fixed problems with language files in Joomla 1.6 ^ performance improvements ^ enable Joomla plugins on textarea elements per default # as stated in the docs - if the app provides config or content params, you can now modify them (contributed by Daniele - Thanks!) # Fixed space for floated media elements (display: block) ^ Renamed CSS classes beginning with "align-" to "alignment-" (Warp6 related) ^ Added some base CSS in submission.css, comments.css and rating.css (Warp6 related) 2.4.6 # fixed bug during update # fixed bug with item submission (image, download) 2.4.5 # fixed timezone problem with publishing dates (submission) # fixed display problem with Finish Publishing date (Joomla 1.6) # fixed typo in notification emails # fixed bug with pagination link generation # fixed bug where users would have to enter a url while commenting (introduced in 2.4.4) ^ changed modal behavior according to Joomla 1.6.2 2.4.4 # fixed: you can now overwrite the elements renderer in the template/renderer folder again (now modules too) ^ pagination links: page 1 will not be included in link anymore ^ updater has been revamped + added office 2007 mime types ^ thumbnails are written to cache via Joomlas write function - removed message about unknown files after installation # applications language files are loaded whenever application is initialized in frontend ^ allow for German Umlaute in URLs # fixed bug, where directions would not show in IE8 (Googlemaps element) + make use of "default access level" for new items and submissions (Joomla 1.6) # fixed problem with storing params in ZOO tag module (Joomla 1.6) + added element:beforedisplay event # fixed gallery element (Joomla 1.6) + added frontpage to category filter on items view (contributed by Rene Jeppesen - Thanks!) # fixed translation string in rating element 2.4.3 + updated Italian language pack # fixed bug with replying to comments (administration) # fixed date position in blog noble template # fixed English module language files # fixed: you can now overwrite the elements renderer in the template/renderer folder again # fixed pagination in related items element (submission) # fixed typo in German language file # fixed problems with install.sql file # fixed editing in mysubmissions view (Joomla 1.6) + added editing of access level to submission 2.4.2 # fixed bug with object initialization (MySQL in STRICT MODE) # fixed bug with installation ^ updated install.sql script to use the ENGINE keyword (needed for newer MySQL versions) # fixed bug with counting category items (mysqli) ^ timepicker now includes seconds # fixed problem with storing params in some modules (Joomla 1.6) # corrected typo in language files # fixed redirect problem after comment state change in administration ^ empty folders are removed upon installation and modification cleanup ^ removed last static calls to JUser class # fixed bug with gallery element 2.4.1 # fixed bug with deleted Joomla users and comment system # fixed bug with module params # fixed bug with zoosearch plugin on Joomla 1.6 ^ unknown files are removed automatically upon installation (media folder is ignored) # fixed bugs in sh404sef standard plugin # fixed bug with submitting items in untrusted mode ^ updated spanish language pack (thanks Miljan) # fixed bug with download element # fixed bug with exporters (docman, k2, mtree) # fixed bug where custom elements would not get loaded 2.4 # fixed bug with relateditems element # fixed problem with RSS feeds (if 'add suffix' was enabled') # fixed javascript issues + added more element events ^ Socialbookmarks Element enabled by default now 2.4 BETA4 # fixed bug where frontpage settings would not be considered # fixed translation of timepicker script # fixed bug with rendering relateditems # fixed bug with displaying categories # canonical item links are now absolute # submission data is filtered before presented to the user in none trusted mode ^ some css modifications ^ changed size of some lightboxes in the administration # fixed mootools/jQuery conflict with timepickerscript 2.4 BETA3 # fixed several css issues # fixed display of quickicons module for Joomla 1.6.1 # fixed zoo search plugin for Joomla 1.6 + added element download event + added language strings + added timepicker functionality ^ moved remaining Javascripts to media folder # fixed bug with inserting images (submission: textarea element / no editor) # removed remaining static calls to helpers (fixes several bugs) # fixed submission handling on error ^ removed elements ordering field (fixes saving type elements) + added DB backup functionality + readded missing blog templates 2.4 BETA2 + added init events (triggered when objects are retrieved from database) + added workaround for PHP bug (mysql_fetch_object populates fields after constructor gets called) # fixed bug with rendering textarea elements (jplugins) # fixed bug with feeds not displaying # fixed bug with editing item submissions ^ performance improvements (specifically if you have items with many elements) + added ITEMID_STATE_INDEX to comments table # fixed bug with zoo menu item background-color # fixed bug where ZOO was unable to create cache file # fixed a bug with selecting files on item edit view + introduced default options for Video Element + introduced default value for JoomlaModule Element # fixed bug in facebookilike button # removed duplicate email notification parameter from Blog app 2.4 BETA + added "check for modifications" functionality + added notifications for comments and submissions + added event system ^ major framework overhaul 2.3.7 # fixed import/export of RelatedCategories Element - removed pnotify script # fixed bug with changing type identifier # fixed bug with menu item resizing 2.3.6 ^ updated jQuery UI to 1.8.10 + fixed app tabs now scale in administration area # fixed bug in comments admin area # fixed spelling bug in Italian language file 2.3.5 # fixed bug with category import (csv) # fixed problem with mysql strict mode and submissions 2.3.4 ^ updated jQuery 1.4.4 to jQuery 1.5.1 # fixed rare problem with setting data on elements # fixed bug with catgories not showing in alpha index # fixed bug with video element - incorrect size in IE (contributed by daniel.y.balsam - Thanks!) # fixed bug with category import (csv) 2.3.3 # fixed problem with replying to a comment # fixed minor bug with tag renaming ^ improved error message in pages app (category, frontpage, alphaindex, tag view) # fixed spelling bug in German language file + added zoo quick icons module (admin control panel icons) # import/export of zoo articles now stores category ordering + added collapsible categories (contributed by Miljan Aleksic - Thanks!) # fixed bug with csv import (line endings are recognized across OSs) # fix to admin category view 2.3.2 # fixed bug with selecting submission while editing menu item # fixed bug with pagination on comment, item and tag view (administration) # fixed bug with excact search in zoo search plugin ^ performance optimization with showing items on category/frontpage view ^ performance optimization in category view # fixed spelling bug in German language file # fixed bug with radio buttons on assign core elements # fixed sorting bug in Webkit browsers (Chrome/Safari) # fixed the Digg icon in socialbookmarks element ^ updated jQuery-ui to 1.8.7 2.3.1 ^ refactored function for detecting URLs in comments + added some Turkish characters to sluggify function # fixed bug, where deleting an item would cause a fatal error upon editing a related item # fixed akismet param in business app # after editing submissions in untrusted mode, they'll be unpublished again ^ if submitting too fast, form will stay populated now ^ reintroduced the "Add tag" button to item edit view # fixed bug with inserting images in IE 8 # fixed bug with download element 2.3 ^ improved performance with tags + added pagination to the tags default view # fixed typos in language files 2.3 BETA3 # minor bugfix to reordering categories # fixed alpha index special character handling # quick pulish/unpublish categories working now # fixed bug where loadmodule plugin causes error on feedview # fixed bug where expired item would be shown in modules # fixed bug with height setting in menu item configuration # fixed bug with missing submission values # fixed typos in language files # fixed bug with saving related items 2.3 BETA2 # fixed typo in language files # fixed tooltips in types view # fixed bug that prevented saving in the manager 2.3 BETA ^ migrated to jQuery 2.2.5 # fixed order of category tree in item edit view # fixed MySQL Database Error Disclosure Vulnerability # fixed bug with choosing ZOO items in menu item # fixed bug with table prefix 2.2.4 + csv import: fixed bug with name column + csv import: added gallery element ^ image element - "link to item" will use custom title if specified # fixed category item count ^ improved import/export performance + added new expo template to blog app 2.2.3 # fixed import of categories into ZOO 2.2.2 # fixed: added MIME types for IE images jpg, png # fixed import of categories into ZOO 2.2.1 ^ fixed memory leak in csv import (works with PHP 5.3 only) # fixed issue with sh404SEF and comments # fixed issue with autocompleter.request.js filename 2.2 # fixed bug with saving item/category relations on import + added mp4 to mime types in framework/file.php # fixed issue with sh404SEF # fixed default setting for item order in zoomodule.php 2.2 BETA 2 # fixed the module class suffix was being ignored in the Joomla Module element # fixed bug with item save # changed capitalization of autocompleter script + added sh404SEF Plugin # fixed bug with submission delete button under "my submissions" 2.2 BETA ^ major performance increase in several locations ^ updated all scripts to run Mootools 1.2 # fixed bug with date element in IE # fixed display bug with JCE editor 2.1.3 # fixed googlemaps csv import # fixed issues with publish up and publish down (submission) + added support for limiting feeditems (Joomla setting) 2.1.2 # fixed bug with google maps marker position # fixed bug there deleting an element from a type, would crash the corresponding submission + added support for unity3d files in download element # minor bugfix in validator script + added googlemaps element to csv import # corrected links to images in feed view # fixed bug, where google maps would not detect users preferred language for directions ^ submission: save category relations - only if not editing in none trusted mode # fixed path to files after docman import ^ on item copy, hits will be reset to zero # fixed bug with alpha index (other character - #). Now you can specify a value that's used in the URL + added default value option for Facebook like button 2.1.1 # fixed directions not showing in google maps element 2.1 # fixed bug with download element, where filesize would not be stored correctly # items in modules are ordered by their priority first now. # csv import into existing category (name match) # fixed timezone bug for date element # fixed publish up and down handling in submission # fixed bug with Facebook I like button element 2.1 RC + added publishing dates to submission (trusted mode) # fixed bug with JCE being cropped in item edit view + csv import now supports import to repeatable elements # fixed bug, where default settings for the radio button couldn't be set ^ images in the cache folder are now named FILENAME_HASH.Extension + added facebook "I like" button + added category import to CSV import (category will be newly created from category name) # fixed bug with item order in item module + added Docman Importer (latest version 1.5.8) + added Mosets Tree Importer (latest version 2.1.3) 2.1 BETA3 ^ changed facebook connect authentication to oauth + added print element + added csv import + added spam protection (users may only submit items every 5 minutes in public mode) + added canonical link to item view (no more duplicate content worries) + added new noble template to blog app # fixed bug with no slugs on adding applications # fixed bug with menu item ids and submissions 2.1 BETA2 # fixed bug with changing templates on app instance creation, while no app instance exists ^ added tag name to breadcrumb on tag view # fixed filtering items on related items during submission # fixed bug with deleting type, while there were no application instances ^ changed link generation for item and category links # "'"'s are now handled correctly in tags + some minor changes to generating slugs + added rel="nofollow" to comment author url # fixed bug on "my submissions", where type filter was lost on pagination + added some diacritic characters to alias generation + added "ELEMENT_LIBRARY=Element Library" entry to administrator language file ^ it is now possible to have textareas as element params ^ changed mime type for mp3 files # fixed bug with "sort into category" in none trusted mode + added new noble template to blog app - removed Gzip for CSS files (should be handled by Joomla template or plugin) + added error messages, if no template is chosen ^ updated language files + added application instance delete warning # social bookmarks element - twitter now includes url (Thanks to Jonathan Martin) # fixed some HTML markup validation errors + added application slug (needed on tag and alpha index view) # fixed bug in "assign elments" screen if no positions were defined ^ "."'s are no longer allowed in tags (as they cannot be escaped) 2.1 BETA + added submissions 2.0.3 # all template positions are now being saved on type slug rename and copy # fixed bug where an items tag would show, even though the publishing date was in the future # fixed bug where .flv movies would only play if set to autoplay # fixed some HTML markup validation errors ^ general performance upgrade + added new sans template to blog app + added "above title" media alignment option to the default template of the blog app ^ removed article separator if article is last in all templates of the blog app (CSS) ^ changed padding for last elements in text areas (CSS) # replaced deprecated ereg function from googlemaps helper # fixed bug with tags view and pagination # fixed bug where Joomlas email cloaking plugin would introduce a leading space to the email address + added k2 version 2.3 import support # fixed bug with chinese characters in slug + added requirements check button to administration ^ changed "READ MORE" to "READ_MORE" in all language files # removed unused helpers/menu.php file (caused problems with Advanced Module Manager) - removed needless $params in teaser layout (only documentation app) ^ moved comment rendering from layouts to item view (all apps) 2.0.2 # fixed bug with changing the capitalization in tags # fixed bug with capitalized letters in Gravatar email addresses # fixed bug with slug input # fixed bug with tags import # fixed typo in english language file # fix to K2 import # fixes to ZOO import # template positions are now being saved on type slug rename # fixes to xml class # fixed bug with saving utf-8 encoded category-, type slugs ^ sluggify now uses Joomlas string conversion # fixed bug with '/' being JPATH_ROOT # fixed problem with xpath and xmllib version # fixed path to zoo documentation in toolbar help # fixed path to tmp dir during app installation # fixed type name in relateditems element "choose item dialog" 2.0.1 + googlemaps element now renders item layout in popup # fixed bug with Twitter Authenticate and SEF turned on + added category module # fixed translation of country element # fixed language files to include googlemaps element # fixed minor css issue with category columns ^ updated item module to version 2.0.1 ^ updated search plugin to version 2.0.1 # fixed categories teaser description in cookbook app + country element is now searchable ^ changes to the applications installer, now accepts different archive types # fixed bug with rss feed item order # fixed bug with comment cookie scope # fixed minor CSS issue with comments in documentation app # fixed filtering bug for relateditems element # fixed bug with utf-8 encoding of the default.js file # fixed bug with saving utf-8 encoded item-, category-, type slugs # fixed bug with breadcrumbs (direct link to item) + added some exceptions to the application installer # fixed bug with alpha index 2.0.0 ^ changed error message for position.config not writable # fixed bug with gifs in imagethumbnail # fixed bug with removing last tag from item # fixed bugs with editing tags on item edit in browsers with webkit engine 2.0.0 RC 2 # fixed breadcrumbs in item view # fixed bug with comment login cookie ^ added check script to installation process # fixed bug with exception class name # fixed comment filters in backend # fixed bug with special character in app name $ updated language files # fixed capital characters in position names # fixed option parameter in element links ^ relateditems ordered by default are now ordered as ordered in item view 2.0.0 RC # fixed relateditem.js # try to set timelimit in installer 2.0.0 BETA 4 # fixed bug with item copy, if no item is selected # fixed bug with install script # fixed bug with image element link # fixed bug with related items import # fixed bug with tag import # special characters in textarea and text control # fixed relateditems delete 2.0.0 BETA 3 # fixed "add options" bug in edit elements view # fixed parameter settings in ZOO administration panel ^ updated addthis element # fixed pagination on frontpage layout in SEO mode # fixed link in item module # fixed link in image element # fixed generated link through menu_item parameter in module + added update functionality to ZOO installer # fixed links to ZOO in rss feed ^ changed editor handling in ZOO administration panel ^ if menuitem is direct link to item, the category won't be added to breadcrump # moved applications group field from params to database field 2.0.0 BETA 2 + added support for unicode characters (cyrillic, arabic, ...) in slug + added application wide use of tinyMCE editors in Joomla administration panel + added comment author caching # PHP 4 warning now functions as expected # use of htmlentities before output to text and textarea fields ^ merged commentauthor classes into single file # vertical tabs are being filtered from CData areas in xml # image element: added file exist check # bugfixes to import/export # fixed some tooltips in Joomla administration panel # bugfixes to install application # bugfixes to comments # bugfix in type delete 2.0.0 BETA + Initial Release * -> Security Fix # -> Bug Fix $ -> Language fix or change + -> Addition ^ -> Change - -> Removed ! -> Note
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